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Smart Contract Audit Services

Our extensive smart contract audit services help start-ups and companies elaborate strategies and make your system safe and secure to work as planned. We help you launch and maintain your blockchain services.


Smart Contract Audit

  • Smart contracts are automated and decentralized agreements that include electoral polls, supply chain management, insurance, and crowdfunding events such as ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), STOs (Security Token Offering), and more. Smart Contracts are vulnerable to bugs and threats. It can affect the working of smart contracts and thus impact the performance of decentralized applications.
  • A smart contract audit is a stepped-up security feature for software testing, glitches, and bug-free performance. The process includes an analysis of the code to ensure no security issues.
  • Blockcoders team helps you audit smart contracts for any potential bugs, errors, and security flaws and ensures the quality of the code.

Types of Audit Services

Interim Security Audit

It includes basic security testing methods that cost less than the extensive security audit. These audits usually carry from 24 hours to 72 hours maximum.

Comprehensive Security Audit

It is an extensive security testing method that includes enhanced security methods. A mix of automated tools and manual reviews is used to reach a consensus.

Full Project Security Audit

For big projects that require round-the-clock audit security services. Our team works in coordination to make sure your code is regularly reviewed and the project grows as intended.

Smart Contract Audit Process


We examine and evaluate your smart contract business logic and prepare an intelligible strategy to conduct the audit.


Our team of security auditors and blockchain developers works parallelly on your code manually to review any loopholes while eliminating the bugs and errors.


We deliver a full-fledged report describing any risks that cease to exist in the project or the user and instruct guidance to resolve them.

Why do you need Smart Contract Auditing?

Blockchain technology has revolutionized many industries, and the main reason for this is its security and reliability. Blockchain networks are safe, but the applications running on them might not be as secure as expected.

Better performance

Optimization of code

Upgrading security wallets

Security against hacking attacks

Decentralized app product owners

Smart contract creators

Initial Coin startups

Commodities that want to gain investors

Why Choose The Block Coders As Your Smart Contract Audit Company

  • Comprehensive Audit Reports

    We help you rectify the susceptibilities present. We have a process that includes different security levels that helps in easy risk examination.

  • Audit by a Professional Team

    We have a professional team who helps you refine your offerings and suggests the best tech services. We work with the latest technology to help secure your code.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We understand time is money. Our team works on the clock to help you ensure the completion of the audit and delivers it on time.

  • Complete Support

    Even after the delivery, we offer our complete support. We provide extensive services until the launch of your product so that you can focus on your growth.

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