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Smart Contract Based Multi Level Marketing Development Solutions

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Multi-Level Marketing

Unlocking Earning Opportunities

Multi-level Marketing (MLM), also known as Network Marketing or Referral Marketing, has been popular among companies (offering MLM programs) and users (participating in these programs), owing to the immense earning potential that it recommends. .

Companies reward users for promoting their products or services by referring them to people in their network. It helps companies expand their presence, fuel their growth, and at the same time amplifies earning opportunities for users – thereby creating a win-win situation for both.

The Opportunity

Billion-dollar MLM Industry

The thriving MLM software development industry currently captures a market size of over USD 170 billion. The money-making opportunities offered by the enterprise catalyse its burgeoning popularity and adoption.

Penetrating the billion-dollar MLM market would chart a path for unmatched revenue generation opportunities for companies and users.

Our Offering

Smart Contract Based MLM Software Development Service

We provide all the expertise you need to bring your MLM project to life. We brainstorm, design, build, test, and go to market.

Whether you need an MLM clone script – such as Ethereum, TRON, or Bitcoin MLM script – or want to build your blockchain-based MLM software development platform from the ground up, we deliver mission-deliver solutions to cater to your needs. While our clone scripts can help you quickly launch your blockchain-based MLM software into the market, our customised development solutions can transform your innovative idea into an ingenious product.

The Problem

Lack of Trust and Transparency in the Traditional Model

The company can amend its business logic time anytime, leaving users unsure of their earnings.

Mutable business logic

The company can amend its business logic time anytime, leaving users unsure of their earnings.

Lack of trust

Any new MLM software development project has to face challenges in building trust among users.

Lack of transparency

The conventional MLM model fails to provide a transparent exchange of information and transactions between users

Delayed transactions

Human-driven calculations and long settlement time slow down the execution of transactions.

The Solution

Smart Contract-Based MLM Software Developer

A smart contract-based MLM software development platform – with blockchain as its underlying technology – eliminates inefficiencies in the traditional MLM model, thereby fortifying the ecosystem with the following:


Blockchain and smart contracts bring trust to MLM software development platforms, enabling users to invest with confidence.

Real-time transactions

The smart contract automates calculations on the MLM platform and drives real-time transactions.


Blockchain and smart contract bring trust to MLM platforms, enabling users to invest with confidence.


The immutable smart contract prevents companies from making any changes to their systems once they have been defined.

Plans offered by our Company

We build cryptocurrency MLM software with the following plans to serve diverse business needs.

Unilevel Plan

Similar to a binary tree, it involves distributors sponsoring two new members (frontline distributors), who further sponsor two distributors each, and so on.

Hybrid Plan

Combines the characteristics of two plans – mostly Unilevel Plan and Binary Plan – and improves the plan by eliminating the pain points of both the plans.

Matrix Plan

A pyramid structure with a fixed width (row) and height (column) that limits the number of distributors that can be sponsored in the first level.

Binary Plan

A single-level plan with unlimited members on the front-line. With no spillover, it offers maximum benefits to a distributor.

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