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Smart Contract Development

Revolutionize your business with our smart contract services for blockchain. We offer complete smart contract services, which help businesses automate their operations, facilitate workflow and reduce the cost of the process.


Smart Contract Development

Smart Contracts are the programs stored on the blockchain that run when certain determined conditions are. The self-executing contract is the key to transactions, various processes, reducing costs, and agreements. The smart contract directly controls the digital assets between different parties under predefined conditions. It eliminates the need for not-so-reliable paperwork and hence increases security.

The smart contract enables self-execution and highly secured agreements. We at Block Coders focus on building an outstanding computer protocol. The digital contract does not require any middle man. Once all the rules and conditions are set, its algorithm executes the conditions and can even work on its own if something goes wrong. We offer transparency and trust in our business. The Blockcoders can help your enterprise build comprehensive and reliable solutions. From real estate to logistics - we create digital contracts for every industry.

Smart Contract Development Services

Our smart contract development services ensure that your blockchain enterprise gets the right automation. We provide coded smart contract conditions to you.

  • Smart Contract Architecture

    Our team provides you with the best smart contract architecture to ensure no bugs, no errors emerge in the code, and the contract produces expected results.

  • Smart Contract Design & Development

    We design and develop customised business contracts according to the needs, with customizable features adaptable to any industry.

  • Smart Contract Audit

    Our developers thoroughly audit the programmed code without errors and bugs before delivering it to the client.

  • Smart Contract Optimization

    An optimised smart contract helps reduce the average gas cost and other resources.

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

We offer premium Ethereum Smart Contract Development Services. The Ethereum network allows us to build customised digital smart contracts that will fit your business needs.

ERC 20 Contract

A ERC20 token standard used for creating a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. It helps in the transfer of tokens from one wallet to another address.

ERC 721 Contract

The ERC 721 token is unique. The holder of the token can determine what it represents. Since these are unique, they can be used for copyright protection of work.

Stable Coin

We develop smart contracts to automate financial services and automatic transactions without the interference of any third party or central authority. These transactions are transparent, irreversible, and traceable.

ERC 721A Contract

The ERC 721A is an implementation of the ERC 721 smart contract with significant gas savings for minting multiple tokens.

Token Redemption

We develop a computer-based protocol smart contract for token creation, exchange, redemption, and distribution.

Features of Smart Contract Development

Since smart contracts work on self-executing algorithms, they can help automate various processes and functions in a business. A decentralised network allows minimum bugs and errors and excludes the need for any third party. A lesser human intervention means fewer errors, and cheaper, faster, and more efficient operations.

Reduced Costs and Risks

A no-human intervention reduces the cost. Tasks are automated with code-based digital contracts without any third-party involvement. A decentralised network works better and reduces the risks of any fraud.

Transparency & Accuracy

The terms and conditions of the contract are visible and accessible to everyone. Since the contract is automated, it provides accuracy as there is no need for a third party.

Autonomous and Decentralised

These digital contracts work automatically, so you don't have to wait for anyone. Once deployed, they can't be changed or controlled by any centralised party.

Scope for New Models

These computer-based protocols work well in any data-driven business model. It provides a secure contract and stops people from altering any records.

Smart Contract for Business

  • Finance

    The self-executing function helps encode agreement between two parties. Enhances your data quality.

  • Real Estate

    Automates the creation of data-driven logic and allows users to use their real estate assets on-chain. It enables transparent transactions.

  • Healthcare

    Automates the information sharing around different hospitals and health facilities.

  • Logistics

    Simplifies and secures many processes in the logistic, including agreement terms, record keeping, etc.

  • Accounting & Finance

    Contracts can represent the next step in accounting, from shrinking costs to financial transactions.

  • Verifiable

    The fact that non-fungible tokens work based on blockchain technology. The users may quickly verify the ownership of the digital item.

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