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A Quick Guide On NFT Minting

NFT Marketplace

What is NFT minting?

Minting is a process on the blockchain used to create an NFT. When an action is carried out to mint a token on the blockchain, a new token forms when you mint an NFT. In NFTs, the newly minted token stores the metadata for an image, gif, audio, text, video, or more on the blockchain network forever. 

You can mint your NFTs by paying a small amount of gas fees. Smart contracts can be created on the blockchain network by the developers to allow others to mint new NFTs from their code based on the parameters set on the contract. 

The digital assets are placed on the NFT marketplace app development platform and are recalled by a unique code. NFTs can be traded on the NFT marketplace, but these are unchangeable and tamper-proof.

NBA have minted their digital assets as NBA digital cards and NBA top shots and are making a good chunk of money out of it. The NFT minting is now expanding its way into the music and game industry. It has a global audience to attract. 


What is a Smart Contract?

An address that lives on the blockchain ledger where a collection of NFTs exists. A set of rules and parameters are attached to the smart contract so that it cannot be altered in the future. 


How to mint an NFT?

The NFT minters have some decisions to make regarding the specific tools to use, but the basic steps to creating an NFT are basically the same.

Create a unique asset

The first step in minting an NFT is deciding which unique digital asset you want to create. There is a vast universe of digital assets out there, from digital games to digital cards.

If you wish to create digital art, you will need to convert your art into digital data on the blockchain that tends to live forever. The Ethereum blockchain has proved to be the most popular blockchain, but there are other blockchains such as Solana, Binance, Polkadot, and many more. 

Buy tokens

You’ll need to buy the crypto token that can be used on the blockchain you’ve chosen. In fact, the blockchain will impact the wallet services and the marketplace you’ve chosen since some only work with particular others. 

Deposit Crypto into a Non-Custodial Wallet

You’ll need a hot wallet that is connected to the internet to store your funds. A cryptocurrency wallet is an application that lets users connect and interact with the crypto web and their accounts. 

For NFT minting, it’s important you have a non-custodial wallet so that you can have full access and control over your funds without any third-party involvement. 

Choose and add assets to an NFT marketplace 

The next step is to choose an NFT marketplace development service; you can create your NFT marketplace or choose from the existing ones. There are plenty to choose from Binance, Crypto, OpenSea, and many more are the marketplace for NFT miners. Marketplaces charge user minting fees. There is a fee for firing up your account, listing an NFT, and transacting too. 

Add your assets to the NFT collection

The last step requires you to choose the digital artwork you want to mint, fill in the details and execute the minting process by adding the digital asset to your collection. 

With your NFT being minted, now you can start listing, marketing, and selling your NFT. 


How to avoid Gas war while minting an NFT?

If you want to mint an NFT of a very popular project, there is a chance it will start a gas war that will incur a very high cost to execute the minting transaction. There are different ways in which you can get on the pre-sale list and will be able to mint an NFT at any time of your choice. 


NFT Pre-Sales: An NFT pre-sale, also known as token pre-sales, is a chance provided to the investors to acquire an NFT at a low price before its official release in the market. It allows you to mint NFTs at a lower cost as you can choose the time you want to mint an NFT without participating in the gas war. 

Whitelists: A whitelist refers to the people and their wallet addresses that have been added to the smart contract to access the NFT pre-sale. The project allows the user a window of time to mint the project NFT before a public sale.


The process for minting NFTs may be different for different platforms, but the basics of minting an NFT are the same. You need to have a digital asset, a token, a non-custodial wallet, and an NFT marketplace. 

NFT minting is evolving with time. You can earn valuable profits. We are a Marketplace app Development Company. We provide NFT marketplace development services. If you wish to create a marketplace or build your token, we can help.

Here at Blockcoders, we help you navigate the crypto world and help build your dream into a successful business.

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