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How To Launch An ICO On The Ethereum Platform: An Entire Guide

Launching An ICO On The Ethereum Platform

An Initial Coin Offering is a method to raise funds to support new projects through cryptocurrency. This mechanism allows companies to seek global investors without letting out the control of the business to them. Raising funds are private ICOs or crowdfunding, and payments are generally in Bitcoin, Ethereum or fiat currencies.

To launch an ICO on the Ethereum platform, the step is to create a token with a standard protocol that will illustrate the rules and regulations for issuing the digital coin. The Ethereum smart contract is available for publishing and making digital tokens.

So now let us walk you through the process of setting up a token using the Ethereum platform.


For launching a compelling ICO, the first and foremost step is to decide on an effective business plan which clarifies how the funds collected will be utilized in the future. A well-written whitepaper will mention the product specifications and the solutions. After thorough testing, the project proceeds to the development stage. Once the landing page for ICO is ready, set up a marketing campaign for the same, and you are prepared to go.

Steps for creating a token on the Ethereum Platform

The first step is to build a token in order to initiate on the Ethereum platform. For this purpose, you need to identify the token name, symbol and if it allows decimal fractions. You ought to settle down on how many tokens will exist in totality. For example, 21 million Bitcoins will exist.

The following parameters need to be evaluated to kick-start an ICO:

  • Starting and Ending date of an ICO.
  • Minimum and maximum cap on allocation.
  • Currency in which it will be expressed.
  • The development of construction parameters will modify how fast block mining can be done.
  • Gas measurement will signify how much work is required of someone to verify a transaction.

Now let us say you have fulfilled all the conditions for launching a token, and customization of ICO does not only end at displaying its period. 

You may be concerned about the security of the platforms due to many hacks occurring in the crypto markets. For this, you may apply various codes that will freeze client contracts in case of an emergency. For any customization, you may refer to many other prospects as well. 

Ethereum ICO Development

Bitcoin might be the unanimous leader when it comes to cryptocurrency. However, when it comes to the application of blockchain for various purposes and utilities, it is not the bitcoin blockchain but the Ethereum blockchain that oversees the club. That brings us to the question: How to start an ICO on Ethereum?

The Ethereum blockchain has been the go-to platform for building smart contracts. Most ICOs have been developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Although this is a conventional process for creating an ICO, there are some steps that need to be taken without even an iota of compromise. 

Technology Used on Ethereum ICO

There are certain technologies available to help launch a simple ICO.

  • Solidity as a programming language.
  • OpenZepplin Solidity agreements as the base of the smart contract.
  • Truffle framework will act as the testing and installation tool.
  • You can also consider using simulators to simulate the local Ethereum Blockchain node.
  • JavaScript as the programming framework for unit testing.

In addition to technical aspects, you need a robust marketing plan. An informational website that helps people and investors update about your Ethereum ICO Development. A customer care support team will help address the issues faced by your investors.


ICO remains one of the most sought methods for fundraising for crypto projects. The global reach makes the ICO a great way binding traditional investments and new technology like the blockchain. 

If you have an idea for launching an ICO and would like to launch your ICO on Ethereum, all you need to do is get in touch with an ICO development company. They will take care to understand your business requirement and launch your ICO the most utterly and profitably possible.

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