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How To Launch An Initial Coin Offering?

Initial Coin development

How To Launch An Initial Coin Offering?

Initial coin offerings or ICOs are the new technology in the traditional world of investing. Launching an ICO is a straightforward task. A successful launch of an ICO platform requires detailing and may take some time. 

The team members in the project should be dedicated individuals managing various areas of procedures. The team includes developers, investors, specialists, and PR strategists.

Some of the guidelines for ICO token development can help in launching a successful ICO.


The Prototype of a Successful ICO

Launching an ICO looks easy and uncomplicated. However, it is not the same for everyone, the people who have a genuine idea and look at the ICO platform as a proper fundraising project that promises great returns for the investment. 

A conscientious planned ICO development can help both company and the investor. 


Steps to launch your ICO

A detailed guideline 

For a successful ICO development platform, you need to form a strategy that will define the current limitations in the market and how your solution will benefit the market requirements. To work on such a design, you need to thoroughly understand the blockchain market and target your audience accordingly.

Execute a market research

After planning, you need to conduct market research. To analyze the market, you need to find a target audience and realize the demands of your audience.  

Identify your competitor

Before starting any business, the most crucial thing is to know your competitors. It would help if you concentrated on the region of competitors you want to target.

Assure Legal Adherence

While defining your ICO journey, you need to go through the cryptocurrency rules and regulations. You cannot take the risk to miss any policies and make sure to stay aware of the future regulations as they come by. 


Create an ICO token

  • Now is the time for your project will have a practical life in architectural life. Until the project was in the planning stage, now is the time for implementation.
  • The first factor that needs to be considered while launching an ICO is the distribution plan. The token carries out in different stages such as private sale, pre-ICO sale, actual ICO sale, etc.
  • The distribution plan consists of details of the total number of tokens, tokens issued within the team, and tokens sold in each stage of the token sale. Also, discuss instances that will lead to further token generation. 


Whitepaper Creation

The whitepaper is a technical document that describes the business project completely. It is the most crucial document in the launching of the ICO. It consists of the complete details of the project, roadmap, development structure, and above everything, tokenomics.

The whitepaper also serves as a marketing document. It should contain information about legal compliance, available resources, credentials, your team, founding members, investors, and advisers. 

Anyone who is interested can read the whitepaper. And the people who will read will make ICO popular in the right circle. For all you know, these people could be famous, and their word means everything to the community of blockchain and investors.


Website launching

The website serves as the face of ICO. Even if people do not have access to your whitepaper, they are most likely to visit your website. The website should be built in a way that is informative and easy to navigate.

  • Content: The content of the website should focus on three main things; the team members, the mission of the project, and how you will protect the interest of the investors. 

Starting with the team, you should mention the team members with their skills, expertise in the field, and social media links. The details on the page should be informative and generic. 

Moving forward, describe the roadmap of the project. This section of the webpage describes the mission of this project to be achieved within a specific time. You can even mention the cost structure and date for better confidence in the project.

At last mention, all the social media links to the projects and the essential backlinks on the website. 

  • Format: After the content is ready, it is time to design the layout of the website. You can design the layout as per your standards and the way you want to present your information. 
  • Security: Security is the most fundamental aspect on which your ICO launch project depends. Once your ICO starts, hundreds of people will visit your website at the same time. At this crucial time, if your website crashes, it can affect your image. You need to provide a secure environment for the users. Hackers can cause a threat to your project. Even while running PR for ICO, make sure to protect it from phishing attacks.
  • Design: The website should be easy to handle, easy to go through, and reliable for investors. It should be built in a way that is search engine optimization friendly.


PR and marketing your ICO

Just like any other marketing, marketing your ICO involves both paid and organic marketing. Make sure you regularly engage with the target audience until the ICO campaign is successful. 

Capture the interest of the target audience. Make sure to leverage the potential of Reddit and Quora to talk about your project. Similarly, Facebook, Linkedin, and telegram to promote your ICO and keep the audience with your project.

Engage in marketing activities like e-mail marketing like bounty program.


Launching your ICO

Now your ICO is all set to make a big impact. Communication remains the most vital part of ICO token development. It is possible that investors might have some last-minute questions at the time of launch. It is essential to be functional for your investors all the time. This is the time when the website is most vulnerable to a cyber attack. You should have security specialists on time to attend to unexpected security issues.

Lastly, it’s time to launch your ICO project and deliver what is promised to investors. 



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