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How To Promote Your NFT on Social Media: NFT Marketing Guide


NFTs came and shocked the entire world. NFT is a digital asset which represents the ownership of a physical asset. When you have an NFT marketing project, you need to promote it. Getting your NFT project to stand out is the biggest challenge to face by Web3 marketers. With so many projects in the market, sometimes it becomes difficult to break through and shine.

There are many ways to promote your NFT project, free and paid. Besides, there is a chance for artists to come to the limelight and significantly change their lives. You need to understand how to advertise your collection. When NFT collections are released, it is essential to promote and generate people’s interest in your collection.

This article can help explain tips and strategies you can use to market your NFT project. Keep reading this article to see how social media can help boost your NFT project.

Why should you promote your NFT on social media?

Artists mainly create NFTs for reasons, which are: for money, in order to follow trends and to draw attention to their art. Whatever the reason, the only way to sell art is to promote it. You can not get anywhere near selling NFTs without publicizing them.

Let us take and look at why promoting NFT collections or projects is crucial:

  • You can attract people by promoting your art to people likely to spend on it. However, some artists, mainly beginners who can not afford a marketing team or have no knowledge about it, just mint NFTs and stop there. Sales functions with marketing and PR, so to make money, advertising is essential.
  • Promotion is beneficial for your profits and your brand. When you put into, efforts try and make everything possible to get noticed. A desire to become recognized eventually pays off. 
  • By marketing your NFT project, you can grab the attention of not the collectors but even artists to collaborate with you in the future.

How To Promote Your NFT On Social Media

For your project to grow and for people to recognize you require time and effort to evolve an organic audience. The audience on social media looks for a genuine connection with an actual person. Accounts which are too disconnected from people grow slower than accounts with a personal touch.

What Not To Do

Today social media is constantly changing. What used to work yesterday could be a flop for today and can harm your results today! Staying up-to-date on the updates is the most significant adjustment you need to make as a marketer. So before we jump into what to do, first let us understand things you should not do.

Never buy followers:- When you buy followers, these may be automated bots which are not beneficial for your account. Having a bot audience presence can damage your social media presence. People and businesses might avoid you as they see you leveraging these tactics.

Follow & Unfollow:- Follow and unfollow is okay if you do it moderately. You can not treat it as your growth strategy. Follow people and pages you want to have a genuine connection with.

Automated Replies:- Automated messages save time but cannot create a meaningful engagement with other users. While as we know, the most important thing we need is a genuine connection with people.

Twitter Engagement

Engaging with social media is the most uniform way to drive traffic to your page. Engaging on Twitter and other social media platforms has various benefits. Engaging with other accounts can help drive traffic to your page. Always remember quality over quantity. The main goal is to get some response from the creator or the audience. Getting engagement on your posts can lead to big payouts. Look for accounts and communities aligned with your target audience who you can interact with.

Create your own group to engage with the audience. Reach out to similar creators and artists in your space, and try interacting with them to form an engagement partnership. The content should be good for the community so that they can feel like engaging with the group. Try and keep the group small so you all can grow together. 

Instagram Promotion

Instagram is an influential platform for showcasing your NFT collection. It is a platform for sharing shots and digital art. Instagram marketing is more convenient than other platforms. Look for the most suitable hashtags and start submitting photographs to generate hype.

Add keywords, different captions, and hashtags for every image you upload. If you want to increase your followers, add more posts to your profile. Use Instagram reels, stories, and highlights to allow users a sneak peek inside your collection.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to learn about the most trending topics. It helps find the most relevant and recent information on all major social media platforms. There are various techniques to look for and apply proper hashtags. Look for hashtags, and you can identify the most popular ones.

Add hashtags for Instagram and Twitter profiles while creating new posts to expand your audience. 

Promote via Reddit

Reddit is a platform for promoting non-profit groups. It is an ideal platform for promoting your NFT collection. You can add Reddit to your marketing strategy for promotion purposes, but when on Reddit promotion, it is necessary to display a genuine image. Active investors explore various subreddits to look for the most promising NFT ventures for investing before the price rises.

Advertise via Telegram 

Telegram is a platform to promote your new NFT ideas. Engage in groups by discussing your NFT collection and presenting it to them. It can help generate more interest than conventional methods. 

Paid Advertisement

You can achieve a great deal with the help of organic marketing strategies. For more effective NFT experiences, a combination of paid and organic advertising is beneficial.

Paid promotions are placed on various websites and social media networks. Set the budget and determine whether you can afford to engage in marketing business to give your project the required push.

An Influencer to Promote Your Art

Collaboration with influencers can help increase awareness about your NFT. Most influencers have a community that entrusts their recommendations and listens to their opinions. You can locate influencers on various platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. You can use influencer marketing to promote your NFT collection or project.

Arrange a Giveaway

Arranging a giveaway of NFTs that are moving to be a part of an upcoming collection is a famous practice in the NFT community. You can hold giveaways according to different scenarios: those who want to participate need to follow the artist, comment on the post, tag their friends and share posts on Instagram stories, retweets etc. It helps create an extra buzz around the NFT collection and an incredible opportunity to gain followers and get discovered by more people.


NFT projects rely on well-defined roadmaps, support and a strong existence across various channels. It helps build not only trust but creates value among investors. The whole engagement with the audience depends upon your relationship with the communities. Social media is a slow and organic struggle, but there is always an opportunity for growth.

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