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How to Write a Whitepaper For IDO Development?

IDO Development

Blockchain and cryptocurrency can change the world. As soon as people realize this, the sooner it can happen. Blockchain is taking financial tech at a more rapid pace. As a result, startups and other big firms have adopted them. For creating a successful IDO, it is evident that to have a quality whitepaper developed!

Writing a whitepaper is one of the primary steps for an IDO project as it represents a crucial step for the IDO platform deployment. If you are not sure about how to write an IDO whitepaper, this article can help you. It describes how to create an influential whitepaper and summaries its advantages. 

Let’s dive in!

What is a Whitepaper?

A whitepaper is a document which contains a complicated representation of a project’s concept. It consists of all the necessary information regarding the project. It is the business plan of the company or project, or platform. The primary purpose is to provide the client with an opportunity to assess the project’s potential and take a decision about investing in it. 

A whitepaper document describes the complex situation of the marketplace and provides a solution through the application of decentralized blockchain technology. The paper summarises everything about the project, such as vision, mission, team, roadmap etc. Details about the new technology of the project, along with the functioning methods and its growth. 

A whitepaper is a clear, influential, comprehensive review of an issue. It represents the problem and guarantees a solution. Thus the goal is to portray the company philosophy, explain the project, and inspire potential clients to invest.

IDO Whitepapers Why Are They Important?

Whitepapers are essential for establishing reliable and trustworthy relationships between users and investors. If you are composing a whitepaper for your IDO, you need to be confident that it will help you gain users to buy tokens which are part of your business plan. 

Besides this, the whitepaper also ensures the status of your company. It supports the image of a new product and provides evaluation and comparison between proposals. A well-structured whitepaper raises awareness and influences your competitors.

White Paper Benefits

If written appropriately, the whitepaper functions as a guide for forming ideas in the user’s mind. It is a kind of tool which provides a presentation or an idea considering you have business knowledge in the field. Here are some advantages of this document:

  • The whitepaper helps create interest in the project and ideas among investors without any reference to services.
  • It helps your IDO project find investors and generate token sales.
  • It helps motivate users to purchase the output to help resolve their market problems.
  • If the whitepaper is composed correctly, it will be a success. It helps increase the reliability of your business. 

Steps To Write Whitepaper

While writing a whitepaper, remember to offer your target audience options addressing more significant problems. Documents are written with goals & meant to help clients and promote your methodology. The paper should include an introduction, problem, solution, services and use cases. In the first step, you need well-structured content. A standard white paper usually contains 25-30 pages.

Choose Your Audience

When writing a white paper, consider your audience’s needs. Follow the format and research more about potential buyers, which will help you figure out who is going to read your white paper. It can also help you decide which problems you can solve and how to present them to the audience when it is complete. 

Write an Attractive Headline For Your Whitepaper

Include the problem you want to provide the solution for in the headline. Your paper will help the reader solve that problem. Also, mention the benefit he will get from reading it.

Make an engaging active headline. In case you want to be more illustrative, add a subtitle.

Write a White Paper Outline

Outline what readers will find in the whitepaper. For example:

Introduction- Describe the topic 

The Problem- What’s the problem you want to solve

Overview- Explain the highlights and define the terms you are going to use in the whitepaper

Body- Where you can discuss the subject matter, solutions, data and statistics

Conclusion- Summarize the whole whitepaper

When editing the final draft of your white paper, use a grammar checker. Make sure your composed grammar is excellent and ensure you get your message loud and clear and sound professional and convincing.


Write a summary of your white paper. The page can be placed on the overview section in the whitepaper or the landing page. You can write in a short paragraph form or a bulleted list.

Create an Exquisite Design

Design an eye-catching design for the business whitepaper. You can collaborate with a web design company, hire a web designer or use tools like canvas and photoshop to design your whitepaper cover.

Design it so that it will highlight the main points.

A Catchy Landing Page

You need a unique landing page to promote it online where clients can download your whitepaper. Make sure to include a form where customers can provide you with their basic information so that they can receive a whitepaper in their inbox.

A picture along the summary, which can briefly explain the benefits of your white paper, is an excellent choice for the landing page.


An adequate white paper defines the success of IDO and provides a detailed explanation of the technology used and the financial details of the token. It explains the project to help investors make a decision to invest in it.

We are an IDO development company and provide you with a complete set of services, including white paper development. If you need, we can help you write a whitepaper according to your business requirements. Contact us to get answers to your enquiries, and we can discuss your project.

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