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How to build a Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace with White Label Solutions?


How to build a Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace with White Label Solutions?


NFTs have been present for a long time. Yet these are gaining popularity just now. The NFT market is bellowing billions of dollars. Many celebrities supported this new technology and started their own NFTs. The NFT marketplace development platforms recorded huge revenues through the sale of digital assets. 

Even the celebs profited from this glam industry.  NFTs can be anything ranging from digital art to physical assets and are here to exist for a long time, and so do the NFT marketplace development services. In this blog, we will see about building a multi-chain NFT marketplace and how it can be a game-changer. 


What is a multi-chain NFT Marketplace?

NFTs are generally minted with only one blockchain network, such as Binance, Ethereum, etc. A multi-chain NFT marketplace is a platform that allows NFT’s digital assets to be shared across various blockchain networks via a single platform. When an NFT marketplace is rigged with multiple blockchains to mint, trade, build, or exchange is known as a multi-chain NFT marketplace.

It can make it easy for the user to buy or trade NFTs since the interface and the handling remain the same. Opensea and Rarible are the two recognized Nft marketplaces working on two blockchains. 


Features of Multi-Chain NFT Platform


The shopfront of the multi-chain NFT platform appears like any other online trading website, with products organized into categories. This function helps to obtain descriptions of NFT assets. Information regarding the item’s blockchain protocol is provided to check the NFTs’ authenticity.

Filter & Search

A search option so that the user can easily discover the goods they wish to buy. And can navigate across the outlet easily, to make it easier a filtering option should be made available. 


Digital Wallet

For transactions between buyer and seller on the NFT marketplace and selling NFTs on various chains, a digital wallet is required. Some platforms have built-in crypto wallets, while other platforms allow the integration of existing crypto wallets into the platform.\

Customer Service

The essential feature of the multi-chain NFT platform is a dedicated customer care service that operates around the clock. If a user is stuck, this is the first place the user looks for in the portal. Hence it is essential to have people who understand NFTs in your customer service. 


It is important to notify users about the new features and updates through e-mail or push notifications.


Advantages of Multi-Chain NFT marketplace

Persistent Connectivity

A multi-chain platform offers seamless connectivity across the various blockchain networks and results in efficiency for buyers and sellers. 

Transit Across Networks

The platform ensures that the user working on multiple blockchains can switch between networks and work accordingly. 

Capture Individualism

Such a business platform can cover all the unique elements of blockchain on which it may work. This definitely has advantages over other NFT marketplaces.

Low Gas Fess

Since the transactions can be revised consequently working on a multi-chain NFT platform, therefore, the platform ensures low gas fees.

Transaction On Numerous Networks

The user can trade on multiple blockchain networks on the multi-chain platform, making the process easier.

How to build a multi-chain NFT platform?

  • The first step involves deciding the path you want to pursue in your new business and creating a roadmap according to it. The roadmap is further pivoted into a whitepaper for the business experience.
  • In the next step, you can customize the user interface and user experience for the NFT marketplace platform. The in-house developers or a development company can help in the process. An aesthetic design and an alluring user experience can help you reach wide users for your NFT marketplace platform.
  • After this, the back-end development comes next, which plays an enormous role in the growth; ensures the security and potential of the portal. It is advisable to work with an NFT marketplace development company. We are a blockchain development company that offers services, including NFT marketplace services. 
  • In multi-chain, a software error can affect the smooth functioning of the platform. The portal should be tested for errors and bugs, and these should be resolved before opening for any business operations.
  • The platform needs to be updated from time to time as soon as the user engagement increases.


Wrap Up

Building a multi-chain NFT marketplace can be a tricky job. But this can be made easier if you have a firm with expertise in the Whitelabel NFT marketplace development services. We are a firm with expertise in developing blockchain-based applications. Connect with us and get a free demo if you want to create your marketplace.

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