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Why could ICOs be the future of money raising?

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Why could ICOs be the future of money raising?


Cryptocurrency has presented a revolutionary way of raising funds for startups. Initial coin offerings let investors crowdfund blockchain projects while bringing users into the world of blockchain technology.

Small and big-sized companies are looking into how they can make the most of this crowdfunding sensation. According to Fundly, crowdfunding has become one of the most popular ways for individuals to raise money for a project, event, or cause. The global amount raised by crowdfunding is $34 billion and will keep increasing in the future. As crowdfunding is growing in the townley, cryptocurrency is no stranger to the industry. The crypto helps us develop a platform on how to set up an initial coin offering.


The Most successful ICOs

Undoubtedly, ICO is not a small flood of crowd-funded projects, but an earnest amount of money can be raised from an initial coin offering (ICOs). ICOs have rocketed into the mainstream of the crypto business. ICOs offer tokens at a price that will increase over a duration of time. It happens only because of the trust put by the trust put in by customers in the project. The capital raised by ICO is more than the capital raised by traditional organizations. Let’s have a closer look at some successful Initial coins:


NEO raised a massive ICO to launch the project. Despite having no government to back them and no big companies, this ICO project proved successful and brought profit to its investors. The price rose from $3cent to $180.


Ethereum was sold for $0.31 each in the beginning. Today Ethereum’s price is USD 1,056.15. This is a tremendous return on investment for those who bought it during ICO. The rising price of Ethereum every year is the main reason why digital currencies are the most successful ICO project of all time.


The NXT currency was designed to be a blockchain that caters to monetary benefits. This was one of the most successful ICO projects of all time. The profit was used to develop currency correlated with the platform. 


The company persists in becoming the enormous cloud storage provider in the world. By investing in Storj tokens, investors got a chance to explore the cloud storage industry. Cloud storage helps increase security and reduce latency. So there is a prominent return on investment. 


The key reason why ICOs are successful?

ICOs carry a benefit in that early-stage crypto investments are not limited to private investors. Anyone can take part or invest in any company offering a sale on tokens. A concept where people support or fund projects which they feel will be successful and effective and can earn them profit. These projects are cryptocurrency and blockchain-related. 

  • Limited liquidity of tokens means that the use of tokens and the platform grows hence offering a decent return for crypto investors.
  • A desire to fund crypto on some fascinating projects that are closer to crypto investors.
  • Money generated from early investments into crypto currencies, is re-invested into new cryptocurrencies.

To achieve mass appeal, the whole ICO process remains transparent and open until the fundraising. ICOs are comparatively easier and faster than the traditional method, which usually takes up a lot of your time. 


Collaborate with an experienced ICO token development firm

To make your project a success, you might want to consider following members in your team:

  • The team of developers should be familiar with smart contracts and blockchain technology so that your ICO can become a success.
  • A blockchain technology advisor who can advise about digital currencies as well as the technology on which the ICO project operates. 
  • A well-qualified ICO token developer to start the ICO design process.


Should we invest in ICO?

There are benefits to investing in ICOs. The opportunity to buy crypto when the price is still cheap. You can get access to a certain product within cryptocurrency itself. Not to mention the flexible regulations in ICO offers more freedom. But ICO is not without risk. It is a breeding ground for hackers and scammers who prey on investors. 

ICO projects are challenging and risky. But there are some most successful ICO projects with tremendous returns on investment for investors. 

If you have a process of brainstorming token ideas for ICO, we can assist you. We can help your company on the top of profitability graphs. Contact us to get your ICO development services.



There is a lot of fuss going around about whether ICOs are any different than the traditional methods. But at the end of the day, ICOs are the new way of fundraising for goods and business ideas like any other form of investment. ICO development has completely revolutionized the way crypto businesses operate and raise funds.

You can launch your ICO token to raise funds. It would be great to partner with an ICO development firm that can help smoothen the path for token development. 

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